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Plastic Products and Rubber Products

KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES which is a best PLASTIC AND RUBBER INDUSTRIES IN GURGAON manufactures Plastic Products and Rubber Products like- Bushes and Rubber Bushes and Shoulder Washers. Standard imperial and multiple sizes available ex stock and immediate delivery on non­standard sizes. Bushes made out of plastic are created by combining many kind of resins reinforcement base of fibres material. This product produced by using injection moulding machines. Well-suited for mass protection. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is Best Plastic and Rubber Industries in Gurgaon, who can provide you all types of Plastic and Rubber components according to customer requirements.


A Bushing we can use for different electrical applications so we are providing custom orders according to customers’ requirements. When you’ll compare with metal bushing then you’ll find, Plastic bushing save tremendously in weight and metal bushes is costly. Plastic Bushes and Rubber Bushes were use it in parts that generated vibration and noise. It’s also use in skateboards where they aid in the tilting of the trucks and turning the board. We can use it as shock absorbers, vibration insulators & abrasion resistors. It’s used with wires pipe and tubing’s rubber bushing can act as seals.


One of the Plastic Products and Rubber Products is Rubber Grommets are similar to bushing. We can also use it as shock absorbers, vibration insulators and abrasion resistors. It’s used with wires pipe and tubing’s rubber bushing can act as seals. So Rubber Grommets are similar to bushing. They also used in wires, rods and pipes that go through firewalls and plates, acting as seals. So we can say proudly KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is a best plastic and rubber industries in Gurgaon which manufacture best Plastic Products and Rubber Products.

Plastic Bushes

KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is the top Plastic Bushes makers in Gurgaon Plastic Bush Manufacturers. We comprehend our customer’s necessities and produce plastic hedges. There’s awareness about the great of the items among the clients and we serve something very similar. Plastic Bushes are for the most part utilized in tables, seats, couches, TV stands and a lot other furnishings. Plastic Bushes are solid and weightless. They are made of petroleum gases, and afterward they are blessed to receive become polymer and will frame carbon. We make distinctive size and state of Plastic Bushes. They can likewise be helpful in ventures for different purposes.

Elite plastic Products and Rubber Products  are created for designing enterprises. The primary benefit of Plastic Products is that it will Plastic Bushes Manufacturer get rusted when utilized in water. You can undoubtedly supplant the harmed Bushes. It helps in less working commotion and will diminish mileage in the machine. Contingent upon the length, width, size, shape, we make the Bushes. We measure definite details while taking the request. We charge ostensible charge for creating quality plastic brambles. Dependable Plastic Bushings Manufacturer in Gurgaon is trailed by KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES which is best Plastic and Rubber Industries in Gurgaon.

Rubber Bushes

Plastic Bushes are not difficult to keep up and clean. We produce plastic items, best case scenario, costs to our clients. Plastic Bushings Manufacturer Discounts can be profited by requesting gigantic amounts of hedges. We “KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES” which is a best Plastic and rubber Industries in Gurgaon guarantee great quality to our customers. We import plastic made of best nature of crude materials to make our items. Evaluated crude materials are made being used by our specialists. We check them and make use in creating the Plastic Bushes. It will have all ability to bear the heaviness of the machine. Our organization is named in the top rundown in assembling high reviewed plastic Bushes all over India. Different sorts of pitches and filaments are utilized in fabricate the plastic utilized for making shrubberies to fulfil our clients.

Plastic and Rubber Bushes
Plastic Bushes
Plastic Bushes
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