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Plastic & Rubber


KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is one of the best Plastic and Rubber Industries in Gurgaon. The plastics and rubber  items industry involves foundations that make products by handling Plastic and Rubber crude materials. Plastics and Rubber  items are remembered for a similar industry as they have comparative specialized properties, anyway, they are arranged depending on the sole utilization of one or the other Rubber or Plastic as a crude material in the creation of the item.


Organizations in the business fabricate plastic packs and jugs, plastic film and sheets, plastic and Rubber lines, plastic froths, Rubber hoses, and tires. Asia was the biggest area in the plastics and Rubber items fabricating market in 2016, representing 35% piece of the overall industry. This can be credited to appeal for plastic items from the food and refreshments and the retail business in nations like China and India and tire from the auto business.


The Americas was the second biggest locale representing 34% piece of the pie. Europe was the third biggest locale representing a $25% piece of the pie. Numerous plastic and Rubber assembling organizations are embracing 3D innovation to plan and grow new plastic and Rubber items.


Utilizing these innovation originators, designers and makers are making new models and form parts. The items caused utilizing 3D printers to have great mechanical properties like strength and unbending nature.

KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is one of the best Plastic and Rubber Industries in Gurgaon. We manufactures all types of part of Plastic and Rubber you can see all types of parts which is made by us. 




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