KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES provides best Plastic Grommets and Rubber Grommets in Gurgaon. First of all we should know what is a Grommet? It relies upon where you are the point at which you inquire. In case you’re at the sea shore, individuals would almost certainly reveal to you it’s a youthful surfer, while on the off chance that you were at the home improvement shop, the assistant would disclose to you that it’s a ring or edge strip that lines an opening. A grommet with regards to a ring is frequently utilized on sheets of flimsy material, like material texture.

Frequently made of metal, Rubber, or Plastic, it comes erupted or captured on the two sides so it will remain set up. Its primary capacities are to shield the opening from scraped spot and to cover its sharp edges too. Plastic Grommets come on the whole sizes and opening designs. More often than not, Plastic grommets are the norm round shape, yet in different cases, the opening edging might be round, however the Plastic grommet shape itself is square, hexagon, and so on Furthermore, there’s likewise another sort of Plastic grommet that is best utilized for greater openings of sporadic shape. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES provides best Plastic Grommets and Rubber Grommets in Gurgaon

This is a consistent, stepped or expelled strip called grommet edging. We see Plastic Grommets all over and basically underestimate their essence. Take a gander at ribbon up shoes, for example. Those eyelets we slip the string through are minuscule grommets. At the point when we set up a canvas, the openings normally have Plastic and Rubber Grommets or the material may tear. In electrical applications, the Plastic Grommets utilized are alluded to as protected bushings. A Plastic Grommet is usually utilized for electrical gear for the material’s protecting property.



KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES provides best Plastic Grommets and Rubber Grommets in Gurgaon. A Plastic grommet is often desirable over a metal one since it is impervious to erosion, synthetic substances, brutal outside components, and scraped area. In the event that you don’t need rust on your material, you best utilize plastic. Great plastic grommets are additionally enduring and durable. Obviously, as referenced over, their primary draw for use with electrical hardware is their incredible electrical properties. Rubber additionally works, however plastic will in general be less yielding than Rubber, albeit Rubber’s inclination to hold fast to the material is an unmistakable in addition to in numerous examples. 

Plastic is by and large more solid, particularly in open air conditions since Rubber will in general getting weak with openness. The two materials don’t actually need extraordinary instruments for establishment. Grommets in electrical hardware are frequently used to secure links and to limit vibration. Wires that go through crude openings can get scraped and torn, something that you don’t need where power is included. In the meantime, grommets that decrease vibration are utilized for mounting stun touchy things, for example, PC plate drives, and acoustically detaching things that are helpless to microphones. Grommets are plainly all over. They might be unremarkable things, yet their cunning capacity makes such countless parts of everyday life quite a lot more proficient. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES provides best Plastic Grommets and Rubber Grommets in Gurgaon.


Satisfying our customer needs for the best quality items, we offer exhaustive scope of Automotive Plastic Parts. These are fabricated with most extreme exactness and regard for subtleties so the most wanted item can without much of a stretch be provided to the customer. We utilize great nature of crude material in the creation of our acclaimed range which is achieved from confided in merchants. The crude material incorporates like regular Rubber, neoprene Rubber, Silicon Rubber, EPDM Rubber, Viton Rubber and SBR Rubber. By offering our exactness range to our esteemed customers for a very long time, we have made an imprint in this serious field. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES provides best Plastic Grommets and Rubber Grommets in Gurgaon



We are makers of Rubber Grommets and PVC Stuckists. A Grommet is a ‘ring ’embedded into an opening through material. They are erupted or captured on each side to keep them set up. There are 3 sorts; Open to ensure links or lines going through them; Blind for blanking openings in boards or Semi-Blind which has a layer adequately thick to be utilized as a Blind Grommet however slim enough to be penetrated to suit. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES provides best Plastic Grommets and Rubber Grommets in Gurgaon

With the steady help of our handy group, we can produce andsupply the Silicone Rubber Grommet. Our grommets are designed according tocharacterized standards of industry. These are likewise redone as far as sizes and measurements. Generally utilized across vehicle enterprises, these grommets are exceptionally resistive to ozone, oil and oil. To meet our clients inclinations, we test the whole scope of Silicone Rubber Grommet on various quality boundaries. KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES provides best Plastic Grommets and Rubber Grommets in Gurgaon

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