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KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is a best Plastic and Rubber Industries in Gurgaon which is manufactures Plastic Washer and Rubber Washer can offer a range of benefits apart from providing spacing and load distribution between components. They can resist corrosion, allow for easy loosening and tightening of Screws and Bolts. Help protect surfaces when a non-metal washer is needed. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of plastic washers to accommodate all manner of specs. If you need them in a specific size, shape, or thickness that you do not see here.


Send a RFQ with your requirements to KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES and we’ll help you get started with your custom order of Plastic Products and Rubber Products. A washer is not only a Washer. If you work in manufacturing industries, then you know definitely what we are talking about. You have to choose from.

Rubber washers are flat rubber rings with centre holes to accommodate fasteners or allow fluids to undergo. Rubber washers prevent leaks, protect surfaces, and dampen vibration during a kind of applications. Thanks to their durability and adaptableness, these rubber spacers provide a tighter seal than metal washers in many applications.


Rubber washer uses especially benefit plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, also as pools, boats, and other aquatic products that inherit extensive contact with water. No matter the appliance, rubber washers’ nonabrasive qualities ensure scratch-free products throughout their lifetime.




Types of Washer

Plain Washers :-  Also known as Flat Washers, this is the  most common type of Washer. In the Plain washers do not have a locking function, it is use  to protect the mating surface from damage. Plain washers can install between the bolt head/nut and the mating surface.


Specialized Washers :- Are use in plumbing and other applications like lock nuts in place, electricity isolate mounting screw, and more.


Silicone Washers :-  Resist utmost temperatures in dry or humid weather, offering the simplest overall temperature range available. They also work with low compression sets and resist ozone, UV light, and fungus.


 EPDM :-  (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Rubber Washer is one of best quality products of KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES. These are the too effective Rubber Washers and Plastic Washer to stop leakage problem from the roof. They are made from a modern technology.


 Neoprene Rubber Washer :-  These washers help to cushion the nut or bolt head. Featuring a rubber and neoprene finish for flexibility, use these washers during a bonded sealing application.


 Viton Washer :- Our offered washers are precisely designed by employing prevailing technology to form sure of its quality. Additionally, it’s available with us in standard sizes and widely utilized in engineering industries. Moreover, it’s available with us in standard specifications. So we can say that KIRIT AUTO INDUSTRIES is a best Plastic and Rubber Industries in Gurgaon.

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